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Soft Close

A futuristic addition to any Eclisse Single or Double system. Just slide the door towards its closed position and at a certain point the door takes over and softly closes itself. It really is as simple as that!

Practical and easy to use, it gives increased safety from trapped fingers, once you've used it you'll agree there is no substitute.

Soft Close can be installed retrospectively on existing Eclisse systems Single and Double.

Available in three different versions:

- to be used together with our Self-Closing system only. Maximum door weight is 40 kg when having a self-closing system, which will be sold apart;

- for door panels from 20 to 40 kg;

- for door panels over 40 kg (up to 50 kg).

With door panels up to 25+25 kg this device closes the panel softly. Door panels heavier than 40kg (max. 50+50 kg) are slackened but the closing is not ensured.