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Testing And Certification

Quality materials for lasting customer satisfaction:
Eclisse products are designed, developed and produced in accordance to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, for which Eclisse is fully approved.
Eclisse has its products tested wherever possible by independent testing laboratories such as the Milan based authority C.S.I. in order to openly demonstrate the quality and reliability.

Durability test in accordance with the European norm UNI EN 1527. After 100,000 opening and closing cycles (equal to 30 years of use) the runners showed no significant traces of wear or damage whatsoever.

Strong shock resistance: an Eclisse sliding door system was left completely undamaged after passing the European recognised shock test (a 30 kg bag crashed into it from different heights in line with UNI EN 1629:2000 requirements)

Anti-corrosion resistance: an Eclisse sliding door system showed no sign of rusting after 240 hours of salt spray test in a 95% humidity environment. C.S.I. Test.

The fully extractable track is made from the more expensive aluminium alloy 6600 (UNI 9006:1) and protected by a 10 μm anodic layer with a T5 thermic treatment.

Just some examples of  the importance Eclisse places on quality and durability and making its products to the highest possible quality level.